Contributing to a more creative, healthy and equitable society is an integral part of our family and company ethos - fundamental in both the work we execute day-to-day, as well as the philanthropic role we have played for generations.

Through our affiliated charitable entities, we support a variety of different causes that contribute to a common goal of increasing public access and opportunity where it wouldn’t otherwise exist - be it in healthcare, the arts, education or social services.

Chan Family Foundation

Our family company has always believed in sharing our success — a value that Caleb’s father Chan Shun instilled in his children and carries through to the present generation. Since its inception, The Chan Family Foundation has made significant charitable contributions to the community in furtherance of its mission to “promote equal opportunity for all people to nurture a healthier mind, body and soul”.

Notable beneficiaries include the University of California, Pacific Union College, Loma Linda University, the University of British Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer Agency, VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation, Ronald MacDonald House, The Polygon Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery and more.

“My father always felt we are just custodians of certain resources that are entrusted to us, and that it is our duty to do whatever we can to help others,”

Caleb Chan, Chairman, Chan Family Foundation

Chan Centre for Visual Arts

“It’s hard to deny the importance of the arts in a world that’s increasingly divided. We are honoured to participate in a project that is of such vast public benefit while also fitting so well into our family’s intergenerational mandate. The new Vancouver Art Gallery will, in an exceptionally profound way, provide a much needed and purposeful venue for arts, culture, education, community and civic life.”

Christian Chan, Director, Chan Family Foundation

Burrard Arts Foundation

Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF) is guided by an exciting vision – for Vancouver to be a thriving city with arts and culture at its core. Through programs that support emerging artists and special projects that foster creativity in the public realm, BAF’s mission is to “nurture accessibility to, engagement with, and creation of art”.

BAF is managed and led with a deep belief that arts and culture have the power to measurably contribute to better cities and healthier communities by bridging cultural divides, promoting social cohesion and inspiring people to open their minds to new perspectives.

“Art provides opportunities for people to gather and connect, to participate in cultural exchange, to promote economic development, to learn and be inspired, and, of course, to simply infuse beauty into our daily lives – like medicine for the soul.”

Christian Chan, Founder and Director, Burrard Arts Foundation