The Low Income Housing Institute is the financial manager of Seattle’s nine tiny house villages, part of the city’s front line in the fight against homelessness. The villages of small individual dwellings, advocates say, get residents off the street while they’re waiting for spots in affordable housing.

“It takes years to build permanent supportive housing,” said Sharon Lee, executive director of the Low Income Housing Institute. “Rather than sleeping on streets, sleeping in cars, being protected by a tiny house is a warm, safe, dignified way to live.”

The Burrard Group will donate $250,000 to the housing nonprofit to fund materials and utilities hookups for the new village, which will be in either South Lake Union, the Central District or both, depending on city approvals, Lee said.

From its Minor Avenue perch, Nexus residents have views of the Olympics, the Space Needle, Lake Union and Mount Rainier. The building is 93% pre-sold, with units priced from $350,000 for a studio to $2.75 million for a three-bedroom.

“On behalf of the homeowners of this building, we’re proud and excited to establish this partnership,” said Burrard Group CEO Christian Chan in an interview.

By Katherine Khashimova Long
Seattle Times business reporter
Photo credit: (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

Originally posted in Seattle Times