Introducing the Burrard Community Fund


Burrard Properties is pleased to share the establishment of the Burrard Community Fund (BCF). The Fund exists to support and partner with charities and non-profits that are doing crucial work in our communities – extending our social impact beyond property lines to uphold our vision of “a better urban experience for all”.

The Burrard Community Fund began with a fervent wish, a desire to provide charitable aid that matches the urgency and specific scope of needs of those who would receive it. The fund seeks to identify and support initiatives in a highly intentional, proactive and actionable manner, to facilitate projects that can meaningfully improve the individual’s quality of life in a way that is both timely and tangible. Not only does BCF represent the next chapter of Burrard’s storied legacy of philanthropy, it also embodies a physical manifestation of our company’s current values and mission.

“As a management team we are incredibly excited and appreciative of the opportunity to give back to the communities that we live, work, and play in. In our modern, fast-paced world, the everyday struggles that disadvantaged populations go through are often overlooked – making it all the more important for those of us with the available resources to recognize our responsibility in making a difference. Leadership like Christian’s is inspirational because it keeps us grounded, and initiatives like these rally us toward a greater sense of purpose. BCF is one amongst many reminders that the success of our businesses is truly measured by our ability to do social good.” – Doug Allan, VP Finance & Operations, BCF Committee Member.

The Community Fund is guided by four areas of strategic focus, each with its respective goals and objectives. Housing, focused on improving access to (and the experience of) housing for disadvantaged populations; employment, focused on supporting opportunities for job creation, training and fulfillment; community, focused on promoting places and programs that support vibrant and socially connected neighborhoods; and wellness, focused on encouraging physical health by increasing access to nutrition, exercise, and recreation.

Our work with Seattle’s Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is an excellent example of the type of philanthropic project that BCF will continue to spearhead going forward. Having donated $250,000 to the housing non-profit to fund 41 tiny homes, Burrard has been gratified to hear that underserved and vulnerable populations of Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and African Americans have been able to find respite there amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“These 41 houses, located in Seattle at TC Spirit Village and Lake Union Village, have been and continue to be a path for many people from homelessness to housing. The villages provide a warm, safe place with a lockable door in a supportive community where homeless people can catch their breath, recuperate, get counseling, make a plan, and ultimately move into a place of their own. Companies like Burrard Properties that build high but also see the view at street level are the kind we need to make our cities places with homes for all.” – Sharon H. Lee, Executive Director of Low Income Housing Institute.

Currently, BCF is considering a wide range of organizations for future charitable ventures across our four areas of strategic focus, and is proud and delighted to be entering into a new agreement with Humble Designs. More news to follow soon!