Seattle, WA



Bloom is an innovative “fast-fine dining” restaurant concept on a mission to improve urban life through better food. We are forging into new and exciting territory within the hospitality industry by offering city-goers an upscale yet accessible dining experience that is at once delicious and nutritious.

Bloom is steeped in core values related to wellness, craft, design and gastronomy. We have reinvented the traditional bento box, serving quick and elevated contemporary meals out of inspired retail environments. We are driven by a deep belief that what we put into our bodies has the power to catalyze an upward or downward existence; our foods are nutrient-dense and welcoming to a wide range of dietary lifestyles, including vegan, keto, and low FODMAP. Everything we serve is also entirely gluten, red meat and dairy-free.

Bloom fulfills an important place in the overall Burrard ethos and our mission to meaningfully improve the quality of life by improving access to food that is both better tasting and better for you.

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